Must Know Things About The Slot Machines

Slot machines are a mystery to everyone because you are not able to see how it works. This particularly differs from blackjack and roulette where you can physically watch how the results are determined. This has led to many rumors and myths such as machines working hot and cold or casinos flipping switches. No this doesn’t happen, for Christ sake!
But above all, if you take a closer look you will realize that it is possible to comprehend the results.  We have a list of things that will help you understand slot machines better and clear up your misconceptions.
Results generated are really random numbers:
Earlier the game was based on mechanical levers and reels. But now the game is frequently played online or virtually. For this, they use a system called random number generator. They stimulate to produce random numbers. Sometimes they even run at the rate of thousand sequences per second. The most important thing in a spin is the time when you choose to spin. Because the randomness in the number is decided by the most recent number that was spun. Some even believe they can time up the spin to their advantage. This myth is easily debunked by the number of sequences RNG rotates.

Casino’s can’t change the payback for slots whenever they want
Many people while playing wait for the slow playback. Slot payback is very tricky because of the programming. It is programmed to pay out over a long period of the game. And thus many people while playing get tired of playing and think that the casino has a secret switch that changes the slot payback. But this is not true. Because if you want to change the slot payback it can only be done by changing the programming through software when the game is not being played.
Slot machines give you bonus
Slot machines have a number of bonus rounds like choosing objects, fight, wheel, etc. These bonus rounds create excitement as it moves from traditional slot machine and provides something unique. You’ll find a different type of bonus rounds in slot machines in all over the world. You can also relate them on the basis of the theme of a slot machine.
The biggest slot ever is $39.7 million
Slots are exciting because of the jackpots and money it offers. And the biggest ever jackpot that has been won, was of $39.7 million. It was won by a software engineer in LA in 2003. He put in $100 to win this money.

Name of slot machines differs from country to country
Slot machines are common all over the world. But their name isn’t. In Australia, they are known as pokies. Scottish call this a puggy. In Japan, the slot machine is known as pachinko. In the UK, fruits are used as symbols and therefore they call it fruit machines.